Trump is Using his National Prime-Time Address for Fundraising

President Donald Trump is using his national prime-time address on Tuesday for is fundraising. The address is to be focused on border security amid the ongoing partial government shutdown.

According to The Hill, Trump in an email Tuesday afternoon asked supporters to donate to his “Official Secure the Border Fund” through the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

“We need to raise $500,000 in ONE DAY. I want to know who stood with me when it mattered most so I’ve asked my team to send me a list of EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT who donates to the Official Secure the Border Fund,” read the email written in Trump’s name.

“Please make a special contribution of $5 by 9 PM EST to our Official Secure the Border Fund to have your name sent to me after my speech,” it added.

During his prime-time address on Tuesday night, Trump will make his case for a wall to be built along the U.S.-Mexico border, which he claims is necessary to prevent crime, The Hill reported.

Most of the major television networks have said they will carry the address, followed by a joint response from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer.

Trump’s demand for the wall has been a sticking point in negotiations to reopen large swaths of the federal government, which have been shut down since Dec. 22. Democrats have vowed not to approve any funding for a wall, while Trump has said he won’t sign a bill that doesn’t include money for the wall.

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