US Could Be Omitted from EU Safe Travel List after Its Review Next Week

The inclusion of the United States on the EU Safe Travel List could be reconsidered next week during the regular review of states from which non-essential travel is allowed under current Covid-19 restrictions, an EU official said on Friday without elaborating the reasons for that, The Jerusalem Post writes.

EU Safe Travel List consists of two dozen countries considered safe from a pandemic health perspective, including Japan, Australia and the US, but that could potentially change in light of EU repeated demands that the US add EU citizens on its so-called white list.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was the last in the line of European officials that underlined the block’s insisting on US to lift ban on travelers from Europe last week, pointing to the very similar epidemiological situation and the vaccine rollout in the US and EU.

The EC advised Schengen zone countries in June to allow nonessential travelling from the US, among several other countries, but some states are pushing for reciprocity from the US considering the EU Safe Travel List is non-binding and they can ignore it.

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