Retaliatory Taliban Violence White House Raises Serious Concerns in the US

In light of the murder of the Afghan government’s senior media officer in Kabul, Biden administration expressed serious concerns Friday about retaliatory killings of Afghan civilians by the Taliban, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki warning this will not help them gain international legitimacy, Tolo News reports.

Psaki said Taliban should leave current behavior trajectory and underlined that they must devote their energy to the peace process instead to their military campaign if they want international legitimacy.

She strongly condemned the assassination of Dawa Khan Menapal, the director of the Afghan governmental information media center and the bombing attack in Kabul that targeted Afghan defense minister Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi, that killed at least eight people and wounded 20 other.

Psaki’s statement follows the UN envoy for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons’ address in the UN Security Council seeking an end to the Taliban’s attacks on Afghan provincial capitals, pointing to the extremely distressing human toll of that strategy and to the even deeply disturbing political message.

Lyons noted that Afghanistan is at a dangerous turning point that could lead either to successful peace negotiations or increasingly brutal conflict resulting in humanitarian crisis.

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