Biden Administration’s New Eviction Moratorium Challenged in Court by Landlords

The Alabama and Georgia Associations of Realtors have challenged in a D.C. district court the new eviction moratorium on national level issued Wednesday by the Biden administration, claiming CDC has exceeded its powers.

The landlords and real-estate companies group cited in its emergency motion Supreme Court’s June refusal to override the previous extension through July 31, underlining that about half of the landlords cannot pay their own bills or maintain their properties without the rental income.

The Supreme Court allowed the previous ban to be extended until July 31 to allow the government more time to distribute of the rental assistance funds, pointing at the same time that CDC has exceeded its authority in enacting the moratorium.

The new eviction moratorium was issued after Biden administration was pressured by the Democrats and the protesting public though it previously claimed it didn’t have the legal authority to extend the ban.

The National Association of Realtors noted in its statement that the CDC extended the ban in the absence of executive legal authority though the successful challenge means millions of people will end up homeless and on the streets due falling behind on their rents while the pandemic is still raging.

Commenting the landlords filing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki underlined that President Biden felt comfortable with the legality of the matter before backing the action, pointing this was a different and more narrow and targeted moratorium.

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