US to Possibly Require All Incoming Travelers to Be Fully Vaccinated

In an attempt to clamp down on rising Covid-19 cases due to the highly contagious Delta variant, the White House is allegedly considering the possibility to mandate all incoming traveler to the United States be fully vaccinated, Reuters reports citing an unidentified White House official.

The US currently imposes travel limitation on individuals transiting from several countries, including China, the UK, Brazil, various European nations and South Africa and the new mandate might be in exchange for phased lifting travel restrictions for certain countries, with limited exceptions.

According to the White House official, Biden administration appointed interagency working groups working to prepare the new system by developing a policy and planning process for when the US can reopen travel as a strongest signal that it sees a path to lift those restrictions.

It is yet to be established what vaccination proof the US would accept or if it will accept proof for the vaccines not yet authorized by US regulators, but in the meantime talks are held with US airlines to establish international contact tracing for travelers before the restrictions are lifted.

The news come in the wake of the European Commission President’s insisting for the US to lift ban on travelers from Europe based on the similar epidemiological situation and vaccine rollout in the US and EU bloc.

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