CDC Issues New Eviction Ban across Much of the US Until October 3

After Biden administration allowed the previous federal ban on evictions to expire last Saturday, exposing millions of Americans to the risk of being removed from their homes if they had fallen behind on rent, CDC has issued new ban Wednesday across parts of the country that are experiencing surge in cases of the delta variant until October 3, AP reports.

CDC’s director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, says that they felt obliged to issue a measure to keep working Americans that are at risk of eviction safe considering the high disease rates during this challenging times when states have been releasing federal rental aid very slow.

It’s possible that this new ban could face legal challenges considering the fact that after the last-minute effort by Congress to extend previous ban failed, Biden administration claimed it has no legal authority to issue such a measure.

Even President Biden acknowledged the potential legal issue saying that he asked CDC to look for alternative solution being aware that any request for a ban based on the Supreme Court’s last decision could face obstacles.

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