Newsom Signs Legislation that Grants Elderly Immigrants Taxpayer-funded Healthcare Benefits

The state of California has become the first one to provide taxpayer-funded health benefits to illegal immigrants who are 50 years of age or older, Fox News informed.

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, has signed the AB 133 into law on Tuesday. The move, dubbed by the governor as a major milestone, opens the Medi-Cal state rolls for people who are illegally in the United States and are 50 or older.

Newsom said that these transformative changes were long dreamed of and that by investing the surplus of California into this matter, the state is ensuring full access to health services for people who are undocumented and has served greater roles in the pandemic.

The governor also praised the legislature for its swift work to enable this motion that is aimed at bringing California closer to universal health services and ensure that all the communities are well settled.

In 2020, Newsom has signed SB-104 into law, which was aimed at extending the health benefits to people aged 19-25 and regardless of their immigration status.

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