Biden’s Pick for ICE Lead Angers All Sides, after Comments on Arrests Decline

US President Joe Biden’s nominee who is set to head the ICE stated on Thursday that the decline of arrests made by this agency in previous months is very concerning, Fox News informed.

Ed Gonzalez, a Sheriff who serves in the Harris County in Texas stated that he wants to take an aggressive stand against all the illegal migrants who are a real threat to the United States communities.

At the confirmation hearing, Gonzalez was asked by the Republican Senator Josh Hawley about the ICE arrests which saw a certain decrease after the agency introduced new measures that limited the agents’ enforcement priorities.

A total of 2,837 arrests were made in May, which is just a bit lower than the 2,847 arrests made in April, and more than the 2,343 in March, and 1,985 in February, ICE statistics show.

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