Senate Minority Leader Condemns Biden Furious Speech about GOP Voting Reform

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader on Wednesday has condemned the furious speech US President Joe Biden gave arguing that it is an “utter nonsense” that he compared the Republican voting reform with a period of the Civil War, Fox News informed.

Speaking on the Senate floor, McConnell said that as a new president Biden vowed to “lower the temperature” of the country, bring the people back together and rebuild a society where dialogue would thrive.

McConnell’s anger came after the address of President Biden on Tuesday, where he urged GOP Congressmen to help prevent the efforts of the Republican-led states aimed at undermining the electoral process.

Biden said that US is faced with the most significant test of its democracy since the time of the Civil War.

After the 2020 general election, GOP-led states started to address what they believed were lenient voting regulations.

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