Antony Blinken Sends Official Invitations to UN Special Rapporteurs on Racism and Minority Issues to Visit US

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State revealed on Tuesday that he invited UN envoys on racism and minority issues to pay a visit to the United States, a move that drew immediate criticism, Fox News informed.

Blinken said that President Biden has made clear that great nations do not run away from their shortcomings, but acknowledge them and seek to improve.

He continued that by doing this the country works towards setting the standards for national responses to the challenges, strengthens democracy, and provides hope to defenders of human rights in the world.

Blinken informed that the United States will issue a standing and formal invitation to all United Nations experts who work on issues such as human rights, and added that he has already contacted the UN special rapporteurs on contemporary forms of racism and minority issues to pay an official visit to the US.

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