White House Says US and Allies Will Pressure China to Cooperate in Covid-19 Origins Investigation

The White House stated that US and its allies are working together to put the necessary pressure on China, in the wake of global investigations into the Covid-19 origin, calling on Beijing to cooperate and provide access in the investigation, Fox News informed.

The move arrives after some GOP members blasted the soft position of the White House towards China.

US President Joe Biden, held a meeting last week with the allies in Europe where they discussed China’s influence and the role of the Asian country in the origins of the Covid-19.

According to White House Press secretary Jen Psaki, China wants to be part of the global community and the conversations and does not want everyone in this community aligned against them.

Her remarks come after Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser said that China might be faced with isolation if the country does not work together on the investigation into the Covid-19’s origins.

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