Poll Shows Widespread Support of Voter ID Requirements and Making Easy Voting Easier

According to a new poll, US citizens stand in support of required voter identification for casting a ballot as well as a much easier early voting access, in the wake of the latest antagonism between parties over voter suppression and election integrity, Fox News informed.

Monmouth University survey published on Monday also says that the wider public is very divisive over the issue of expanding the voting by mail.

Eight of the ten people surveyed said that they support a voter ID requirement, including 91 percent of Republicans, 87 percent of the independents, and 62 percent of the Democrats.

Seven out of 10 or 71 percent, say that early in-person voting should be much easier. This includes 89 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of the independents, and 56 percent of the Republicans.

However, when it comes to mail voting, the bipartisan support disappears.

Half of the people surveyed issued their support for making the mail voting process much easier, and 39 percent saying that it should be made harder. The numbers here show a partisan division – 84 percent of the Democrats are supportive, but only 40 percent of the independents and 26 percent of the Republicans said they stand in support of this issue.

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