Putin and Biden Agree to Restore Diplomatic Relations

President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that he and US President Joe Biden came to an agreement on Wednesday that the ambassadors of the two countries will return to their positions, CNBC informed.

This move marks the resumption of the diplomatic relations between the countries that were suspended as of April.

Right now, both ambassadors Anatoly Antonov and John Sullivan are not stationed in their posts abroad.

Both diplomats were recalled after Biden revealed a new round of sanctions which were aimed at punishing the Russian Federation for the massive cyber attack on US government agencies that occurred last year.

Due to the sanctions, all the consular operations, and other diplomatic services in the two countries came to a halt. This situation was devastating on industries, families and also aid groups that have ties in both states.

The ambassadors return was one of the few outcomes that resulted from the aftermath of the session between the countries’ leaders in Geneva.

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