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Your Daily Polling Update for Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Same as Saturday

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on five polls, ranging from 49% (Rasmussen) to 61% (The Hill). Biden’s disapproval rating averages 43% today (same as Saturday).

Among Democratic voters citywide

Democratic primary
% = Change Research/Schoen Cooperman/POS = AVERAGE
Eric Adams: 23% / 22% / 21% = 22
Kathryn Garcia: 19% / 14% / 20% = 17.7
Maya Wiley: 19% / 16% / 18% = 17.7
Andrew Yang: 12% / 18% / 13% = 14.3
Scott Stringer: 8% / 9% / 8% = 8.3
Shaun Donovan: 4% / 6% / 4% = 4.7
Ray McGuire: 3% / 4% / 2% = 3
Diane Morales: 1% / 4% / 2% = 2.3
RON’S COMMENT: The average of these three polls has Adams first with Garcia and Wiley tied for second place. The former frontrunner, Yang, is fourth. The ranked-choice primary is June 22.

Among voters statewide

Terry McAuliffe (D) over Glenn Youngkin (R): +4 (46-42)
RON’S COMMENT: This poll, conducted after the recent Democratic primary, has former Democratic governor McAuliffe in a fairly tight race with Republican businessman Youngkin, a former co-CEO of The Carlyle Group…. The last poll we reported, taken right before the primary by a Republican pollster, had the Democrat ahead by 2 points… Handicappers rate the race likely or lean Democratic.

Among voters nationwide

Now, thinking again about issues facing this country… I am going to read you a list of issues. Please listen as I read the list and tell me, for each one, whether you have more confidence in––the Democrats in Congress, OR the Republicans in Congress––to deal with this issue. 
% = More confidence in: Democrats/Republicans
Bringing the country together: 45%/32%
Taxes: 41%/47%
Jobs: 43%/46%
Immigration: 45%/44%
Healthcare: 54%/33%
Dealing with COVID-19: 52%/34%
Economic recovery: 42%/46%
Race relations: 53%/30%
Education: 47%/37%
RON’S COMMENT: Republicans in Congress win on taxes (+6), jobs (+3) and economic recovery (+4). Democrats win on education (+10), bringing the country together (+13), dealing with Covid-19 (+18), healthcare (+21) and race relations (+23). Immigration is split nearly evenly.

Among voters nationwide

As you may already know, the federal government gave states extra money to increase payments to people who are unemployed. Here are two statements on this policy. Please tell me which statement comes closest to your own views. 

  • Agree with this statement: “Some people say that with so many schools closed and so many childcare options closed or on reduced schedules, many workers are unable to return to work.” 33%
  • Agree with this statement: Other people say that these extra payments provide too many workers with an incentive to remain unemployed since they can make enough to survive without working.” 50%

Among voters nationwide

Here are some problems related to civility and politics.  Please listen carefully as I read each proposal and tell me if you think it is an extremely, very, somewhat, or not at all important problem to you personally. 
% = Those saying this is an “extremely” or “very important” problem

  • Elected officials refusing to work together to get things done: 83%
  • Hate crimes and being treated unfairly because of your appearance: 66%
  • Refusing to accept election results: 64%
  • Republicans and Democrats disagreeing: 55%
  • Lack of respect for political opponents: 52%
  • Political correctness or the feeling that other people can now tell you what words are required to use: 49%
  • Cancel culture or the feeling that you might lose your job or social status due to your political views: 39%
  • Republicans disagreeing with each other: 34%
  • Democrats disagreeing with each other: 32%
  • Dealing with friends and family who you disagree with politically: 23%
  • Dealing with people you disagree with politically at work or socially: 22%

RON’S COMMENT:  A big majority of voters say “elected officials refusing to work together to get things done” is the biggest problem in terms of civility. No surprise there. Large majorities also say hate crimes and refusing to accept election results are the next biggest problems…. This poll also finds that 69% of the electorate believes that “A politician who is willing to work together to get things done, even if it means compromising on my values sometimes” is preferred over “A politician who consistently fights for my values, even if this means not finding a solution very often.”

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
NEW YORK: Change Research (D), June 11-14; Schoen Cooperman (D), June 10-13; POS (R), June 9-13
VIRGINIA: JMC, June 9-12
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