GOP Stefanik and Wittman Reveal Bill that Will Take Measures against China Health Officials due to Covid-19

Republican Representatives Rob Wittman and Elise Stefanik, revealed a draft legislation that is aimed at taking certain measures against health officials in China, Fox News informed.

The news arrive amid recent doubts whether China was fully transparent in terms of the origin of the Covid-19.

Stefanik said that United States is the leader of the free world and as such it must hold China and its ruling communist party accountable for their actions, adding that right now an independent investigation is more than necessary, in order to discover their intentions behind their actions and prevent the Communist Party from benefiting in any form from the US.

The legislation would require the US intelligence to investigate and unveil the people who might have silenced journalists and doctors from the start of this pandemic, impose the Global Magnitsky Sanctions on leading health officials from the Asian country, and prohibit US universities from signing new contracts with the National Health Commission of China, as well as many other provisions.

The draft bill would also bar the National Academy of Sciences to use federal funds to sign new contracts that will fund institutes based in China or universities part of the Chinese National Health Commission. It is also adamant that there must be a review of whether NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding ended in the gain-of-function research, in a direct or an indirect form.

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