Biden Administration Reveals Strategy for Fighting Domestic Terrorism

President Biden administration announced that it will advance its assessments of threats posed by domestic terrorists, including some intelligence sharing with the agencies for law enforcement, CNBC informed.

The administration will also cooperate with tech companies in order to eradicate terrorist content that is posted on the social media in what appears to be a new strategy aimed at battling domestic terrorism.

On Tuesday, the National Security Council announced the new strategy, which arrives 6 months after insurgents who are loyal to President Trump raided that US Capitol building as the Congress was in the process of voting for certification of the presidential win of Joe Biden.

Biden, who is currently on his overseas trip to Europe, said that domestic terrorism goes against every aspect of what US strives for and is a direct threat the country’s unity, democracy and national security.

According to a report issued by Director of National Intelligence Office, domestic extremists were an increased threat in 2021, and the highest risk came from white supremacy organization and anti-government militia.

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