Biden to Nominate Ken Salazar as Ambassador to Mexico, Tom Nides to Israel

As Biden's one-year anniversary in office draws to a conclusion on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden is sure to face a long list of questions

US President Biden revealed on Tuesday that he would nominate the former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to assume the post as US ambassador to Mexico, while Tom Nides, the vice president of Morgan Stanley, to be the ambassador of US to Israel, CNBC informed.

These two nominations are the first ones of the Biden’s slate of political ambassadors. Up until now, the President only announced ambassadors that were career diplomats and foreign service officers.

Salazar has formerly served as Colorado’s state attorney general, but also he was a Democratic senator who left the position to work with President Barack Obama in 2009 where he headed the Interior Department.

In the 2020 presidential campaign, Salazar headed the Latino Leadership Committee and was an honorary co-chair of the Colorado Latino Leadership Council in the Biden’ campaign.

Nides, on the other hand, has been a deputy State Secretary in the administration of former president Barack Obama. He was also a top aide to Mickey Kantor, a US trade representative in the Clinton administration.

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