Recent Polls Suggest Black Democratic Voters in NYC Want Increased Subway Safety

For NYC Democratic primary voters subway safety is one of the important matters that should be addressed by the newly elected officials, as they are preparing to vote in the upcoming election, Fox News informed.

According to some recent polling, the Black democratic voters are the group that has this issue in mind the most.

The poll revealed that 77% of the Black Democratic voters have beliefs that the number of police officers in uniform in subway areas should increase.

Only small portion of 14% of the same group said that they did not believe the number of uniformed policemen on the subway should be increased, while 10% said that they are not sure.

The Latino voters paints a similar image, with 69% of the respondents wanting an increased police presence in the NYC subway system.

Among the White voters group, 62% answered that they think that uniformed policemen number in the city’s transportation system should be increased.

According to numbers in the NYC’s five boroughs, Bronx voters had the highest 81% of the respondents who believe that safety on the subway is the most pressing matter and think that security should be increased.

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