Federal Watchdog Launches Probe into NIH Grant Program for Funds Sent to Wuhan

A federal watchdog has launched a probe into the NIH’s (National Institutes of Health) grant programme due to ongoing controversy of money sent to Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, Fox News informed.

Tesia Williams, an spokesperson for the inspector general in the Department of Health and Human Services said that they were in the process of monitoring the matter for quite some time now and that they consider this issue to be of high-priority and might pose a great threat the NIH grant programme’s integrity.

Williams added that the HHS, after a preliminary analysis, made a decision to launch an extensive probe to review how NIH assessed and monitored certain grants and how the grantees and the subgrantees managed those federal funds from 2014 until 2021.

The time period that is investigated, first reported by CNN, matches with the time frame when NYC-based non-profit firm EcoHealth Alliance got $3.75 million from the NIH as a grant money, in order to conduct research named “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence”.

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