Trump Blasts China in North Carolina Speech, Seeks 100% Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Former US President Donald Trump gave a speech on Saturday at the Republican Convention in North Carolina, calling China to pay the US for damages cause by the Covid-19 pandemic, Fox News informed.

Trump said that every nation in the world should unite and demand China to pay $10 trillion as a reparation for the pandemic, adding that even this number is lower than the real damage. He underlined that every country in the world should cancel any debt owed to the Asian country and use it as a down payment on these reparations.

He also said that the United States should slap a 100 percent tariff on Chinese products imported in the country.

In what appeared to be a very long address, the former president voiced opinions from Republicans on the Hill and blasted Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease specialist for altering his position on the importance of having to wear a mask in the first months of the pandemic.

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