Biden Says Graduates at an ‘Inflection Point’ in Address

President Joe Biden released a video for the graduating class of 2021 that they are at an “inflection point” in history, adding that the systemic racism is a ongoing crisis that takes a great swing in this period, Fox News informed.

In the comments, published under the address on Twitter, the President wrote that after his graduation, the generation was faced with a similar inflection point, with the War in Vietnam was dividing the people, and the fight for civil, environmental and women’s rights was starting off.

He added that this generation is in a similar position as the pandemic is being slowly put behind, and the country is trying to rebuild the economy. Another crises are the rooting out of the systemic racism and dealing with climate change. All of these present time crises are certainly addressed with a higher sense of purpose that it was done in the past.

The President also said that he has in fact never been more optimistic for the future endeavors of this generation.

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