Kevin McCarthy Urges Dr. Anthony Fauci to File his Resignation

House GOP Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy is the newest Republican to urge Dr. Anthony Fauci to file his resignation as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fox News informed.

McCarthy stated that US citizens do not believe in Dr. Fauci and called for a person of trust to head this institute.

After the interviewer at the radio show on Breitbart News Saturday asked McCarthy if by that he means that Fauci should leave his post, McCarthy adamantly confirmed saying that people do not trust him.

Dr. Fauci who headed the NIAID for over a decade, and survived presidents from both sides of the isle, is now the chief medical adviser to President Biden as well.

Senators Josh Hawley also called Dr. Fauci to resign from his position on Friday, and Marco Rubio urged President Biden to fire the doctor in a op-ed on Fox News released on Saturday.

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