Senate’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer Says Cyberattack on Capitol is Worse then Jan 6 Repetition

Karen Gibson, Senate’s Sergeant at Arms on Saturday said that she believes that a cyberattack on US Capitol would be much more gruesome than another January 6 scenario, Fox News informed.

Gibson for CNN said that she is more worried about the cybersecurity than about whether another mob attacks the US Capitol.

She emphasized that intrusions on the US Capitol networks are a daily thing, and that with the recent increase in the ransomware attacks, there is a much greater risk for a cyberattack.

She pointed out that it there is a greater probability of cyberattack than a mob entering the West Terrace.

Her comments arrive days after the latest ransomware attack on the Brazil-based JBS, a world renowned company for meat processing that operates in the United States. The company has now restored its production capacities after a 4-day shut off.

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