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Your Daily Polling Update for Saturday, June 5, 2021

Up 1 from last week

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on six polls, ranging from 50% (Rasmussen) to 59% (IBD/TIPP). Biden’s disapproval rating averages 42% today (same as last week).

Among voters nationwide

Among all voters nationwide
% = Favorable/Unfavorable
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 38%/45% 
Bernie Sanders: 47%/44% 
Joe Manchin: 29%/37% 
Ted Cruz: 38%/48%
Mitt Romney: 35%/49%
Liz Cheney: 33%/47%
RON’S COMMENT: Let’s take a look at these six members of Congress among their own parties’ voters. First, we find that Democratic voters nationwide side with democratic socialists AOC and Sanders over centrist Manchin, and by gigantic margins: 

  • Among Democrats: AOC is 64% favorable/16% unfavorable. 
  • Among Democrats: Sanders is 76% favorable/15% unfavorable. 
  • Among Democrats: Manchin is 29% favorable/41% unfavorable. 

Second, Republican voters nationwide side with pro-Trumper Cruz over anti-Trumpers Romney and Cheney, and by gigantic margins: 

  • Among Republicans: Cruz is 64% favorable/18% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans: Romney is 23% favorable/60% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans: Cheney is 19% favorable/56% unfavorable

Among voters nationwide

The U.S. Senate’s filibuster rule lets a minority of Senators prevent voting on a bill unless 60 out of 100 Senators vote to end the filibuster. Is this a good or bad rule? 
A good rule: 38%
A bad rule: 30%
Not sure: 31%
RON’S COMMENT: 52% of Republicans, 23% of Democrats and 44% of independents say allowing filibusters is a good rule…. Note: This Economist poll question is poorly worded. It should read something like this: The Senate’s filibuster rule enables opponents of a bill to effectively block passage unless it receives the support of at least 60 out of 100 Senators, thereby killing legislation even when it is supported by Senate majorities of 51 to 59 votes.
The filibuster has been reformed many times in U.S. history. Would you favor or oppose further reforming the legislative filibuster in any of the following ways? 
Make it harder to threaten to filibuster, so senators cannot block legislation with a threat alone 
Favor: 48%
Oppose: 23%
Require Senators who want to block legislation to actually hold the floor of the Senate by speaking in person
Favor: 59%
Oppose: 14%

Among voters nationwide

Do you think reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) might sometimes be the result of alien spacecrafts visiting the earth, or do you think reports of UFOs are always the result of human or natural activity that come from Earth? 

  • UFOs might sometimes be the result of alien spacecrafts visiting Earth: 36% 
  • UFOs are always the result of human or natural activity from Earth: 27% 
  • Not sure: 37%

RON’S COMMENT: 32% of Republicans, 39% of Democrats and 38% of independents say UFOs might sometimes be the result of alien spacecrafts visiting the Earth. Americans most likely to believe in the possibility of UFOs are Hispanics (47%), those 30-44 years old (44%) and white men without college degrees (42%)…. The poll also finds that 65% of Americans believe the U.S. government knows more about UFOs than it is telling the general public. 
Do you personally believe that there is intelligent life on other planets, or not?

  • There definitely or probably is intelligent life on other planets: 60%
  • There definitely or probably is NOT intelligent life on other planets: 17%
  • Not sure: 22%

RON’S COMMENT: 50% of Republicans, 68% of Democrats and 64% of independents believe there is definitely or probably intelligent life on other planets…. The poll also finds that 19% of Americans say they have seen a UFO (24% men, 15% women).

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
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