US District Court Rules in Favor of Ted Cruz’s Lawsuit against FEC

A panel consisted of three judges from the District of Columbia Court adopted a decision in favor of the Republican Senator Ted Cruz in a federal lawsuit he filed against the FEC (Federal Elections Commission), Fox News informed.

With this ruling the court nullified the limitation on the amount of contributions made post-elections which might be used to cover the pre-election loans taken by the candidate.

According to the section 304 covered in the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act from 2002 candidates must not use post-election contributions for repaying loans that exceed $250,000.

Cruz decided to file a lawsuit because the limit of $250,000 did not allow him to get a full repayment for the $260,000 taken as a loan to the reelection campaign in 2018.

The ruling says that Senator Cruz filed the lawsuit to abrogate and admonish the enforcing of the Section 304.

The judges stated that the cap provided in Section 304 is burdening the political speech therefore implicating the protection of First Amendment.

Due to the fact the the government did not manage to prove that this limit is set to prevent quid-pro-quo corruption, or even that the cap is specifically built to serve this goal, the loan cap contradicts the First Amendment, the judges further explain.

That is why they granted summary judgement for Ted Cruz and the campaign.

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