Israeli Attacks in Gaza Could Amount to War Crimes, UN Human Rights Commissioner Warns

Image source: CNN

The attacks carried out by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip could amount to war crimes, UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet warned on Thursday. Bachelet also added that she saw no evidence that the bombed buildings were used for military purposes.

Bachelet expressed deep concerns about the outbreak of violence between the Israelis and Palestinians earlier this month. According to the UN commissioner, while Israel has taken some precautions, such as early warning of attacks in some cases, attacks on such densely populated areas have killed or injured large numbers of civilians.

“If the attacks are found to be reckless and disproportionate in terms of impact on civilians and civilian objects, they could be classified as war crimes,” Bachelet warned.

According to Palestinian authorities, 11 days of Israeli airstrikes and artillery shots before have so far claimed the lives of 253 Palestinians, including 66 children, and injured more than 1.9 thousand people.

Bachelet also called on Hamas and all other armed groups to refrain from the reckless use of missiles and mortars, for which they must claim responsibility.

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