Christian School Sticks to Its Sexuality Policy Despite Death Threats

Despite accusations that the school is targeting gay and transgender students and alleged death threats against school leaders, a private Christian school in Florida is sticking to its long-held policy that students do not partake in sexual behavior outside of marriage.

Grace Christian School Administrator Barry McKeen says that backing down on the policy is like abandoning what God has said is the truth, and God’s truth is among the main reasons they have a Christian school.

Earlier this summer, McKeen sent an email to the school community emphasizing that students in school will be referred to by the gender on their birth certificate only and be referenced in name in the same fashion.

He also said that students participating in gay or transgender lifestyles will be immediately asked to leave the school and that the school will not accept students that have made physically change or alteration to their biological gender, including elective sex reassignment, transvestite, transgender, or that are engaging in non-binary gender fluid acts of conduct.

Explaining the school’s policy, the email underscores their belief that God created mankind in His image – male (man) and female (woman), sexually different but with equal dignity.

McKeen was reportedly prompted to send the email as a reminder to parents that although such behavior or act is being celebrated and encouraged by the country, the school follows God instead of a man and God condemns it.

Although no students have been booted from the school over their sexual orientation, one mother has pulled her lesbian daughter from the school following McKeen’s email citing the girl’s wellbeing.

Grace Christian School’s policy is hardly new since its human sexuality policy dates back to 1975 and such a policy is common for Christian schools.  

McKeen said that following press coverage of his email on the policy he was forced to beef up security at the school with armed security guards and that he and his family have since faced death threats.

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