LUNCHTIME POLITICS: Parties Split on Israeli/Palestinian Conflict – Biden on Crime – New CDC Guidelines – Pipeline Ransom

Your Daily Polling Update for Saturday, May 22, 2021

Same as last week

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on six polls, ranging from 52% (Rasmussen) to 60% (The Hill). Biden’s disapproval rating averages 42% today (same as last week)…. According to Gallup’s report: 

  • “Biden continues to enjoy a relatively strong approval rating, outpacing Trump (39%) and Bill Clinton (45%) during May of their first year in office. Although Biden’s rating trails Barack Obama’s May reading (65%), it is roughly on par with those of George W. Bush (55%) and George H.W. Bush (58%).

Among U.S. voters nationwide

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, are your sympathies more with…? 

The Israelis: 39%
About equal: 25%
The Palestinians: 17%

RON’S COMMENT: 61% of Republicans, 16% of Democrats and 35% of independents side with Israel––quite a wide partisan gap…. This poll also finds that:

  • 39% of U.S. voters have favorable feelings toward Benjamin Netanyahuand 27% have unfavorable feelings toward the Israeli leader. 
  • 53% of Republicans, 24% of Democrats and 36% of independents have favorable feelings toward Netanyahu.
  • 30% of U.S. voters approve of Biden’s handling of Israel and 46% disapprove. This is not good for the president, especially considering that this is his first big Middle East problem.
  • 11% of Republicans, 49% of Democrats and 25% of independents approve of Biden’s handling of Israel.

Among voters nationwide

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling [the crime issue]? 
Approve: 41%
Disapprove: 46%
RON’S COMMENT: 13% of Republicans, 72% of Democrats and 37% of independents approve of the way Biden is handling the crime issue…. 37% approval from independents on any issue is a problem for Biden; he beat Trump by a 54% to 41% margin in the election…. Crime is shaping up to be a good 2022 issue for Republicans.

Among adults nationwide

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced last Thursday that fully vaccinated adults can safely resume activities indoors or outdoors without masks or social distancing. Do you approve or disapprove of this decision?

Approve: 57%
Disapprove: 30%
Not sure: 12%
RON’S COMMENT: 66% of Republicans, 54% of Democrats and 60% of independents approve of the new guidelines.

Among adults nationwide

Last week, a group of hackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline with a ransomware attack, causing a gas shortage across the southeastern United States. The Colonial Pipeline Company says it paid the hackers $5 million to get the pipeline running again. Do you think paying the ransom was… 
A good decision: 20%
A bad decision: 52%
Not sure: 28%
RON’S COMMENT: Most Americans disapprove of paying the hackers a ransom…. Only 15% of Republicans, 27% of Democrats and 18% of independents say paying the ransom was a good decision.

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
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