Security Council Members Urge Full Adherence to Gaza Ceasefire Deal

The United Nations Security Council urged a “full adherence” to the ceasefire deal reached in Gaza and called for an urgent humanitarian aid for the civilians from Palestine, according to their first statement, CNBC informed.

The ceasefire began at 2 AM according to Friday local time and is still in place despite some unrest near the Al Aqsa mosque between the Palestinians and Israel’s police that occurred hours after the ceasefire started.

The mosque Al Aqsa is one of Islam’s most sacred places and is located on a place called the Temple Mount in the Judaism, which in turn is this religion’s holiest place. The unrest that occurred on this site was one of the main factors that started the war.

The UN Security Council called for fully restoring the peace, and underlined that reaching an exhaustive peace accord that will be based on the premise that this region is consisted of two separate states, Palestine and Israel, who are to live in peace and with recognized and secured borders.

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