GOP Members Unveil Resolution to Support Israel’s Right of Defend in the Conflict


Senate Republicans headed by Sen. Rick Scott from Florida, revealed a resolution on Monday which states that the US position is to back Israel’s right to defend itself amid the recent unrest in the Gaza Strip, Fox News informed.

The resolution, signed by a group of 19 lawmakers, voices strong support for the defense tactics of Israel against the terrorist attacks. However, the resolution does not mention any call for a cease-fire, which is a bit different from the comments given by President Joe Biden and the Democratic lawmakers who all seek for a ceasefire to the hostilities.

President Biden was faced with a constant pressure from both parties for his way of handling the conflict. Lawmakers from the GOP cast blames on Biden for not opposing the progressives in the Democratic party, who blasted Israel for his behavior.

In the meantime, Sen. Bernie Sanders stated that an immediate cease-fire is the only option and put pressure on the President to condemn the actions of the Government of Israel.

President Joe Biden talked with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu two times in three days. According to the White House Biden reiterated that he fully supports the right of Israel to defend the country from the rockets launched by the Hamas.

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