Small Aircraft Intercepted in Restricted Airspace as Biden Pays Visit in Delaware

A small aircraft was intercepted in Delaware because it flew in a restricted area where President Joe Biden was visiting his house in Wilmington, Fox News informed.

The aircraft violated the airspace on May 16, and per protocol a US military aircraft intercepted it and commanded the pilot to land at the local airport.

According to the Department of Defense spokesperson, the pilot did not communicate with the air traffic controllers when he entered the restricted zone and did this without a clearance.

The Defense Department spokesperson explained that the NORAD fighter signaled the other aircraft with flares in order to get the attention of the pilot and safely direct it out of the restricted airspace.

The New Garden Airport aviation director, Jon Martin stated that the aircraft violated that restricted airspace and was signaled to immediately leave this zone.

He also said that the aircraft was then landed at the airport in New Garden, saying that this particular airport is suffering shutdowns every time Biden returns to his house.

The aircraft is the first one forcefully grounded at the airport in New Garden, according to Marin. The commercial flights, however, are not affected by these flight restrictions.

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