Hillary Clinton Warns Biden over Afghanistan Troops Withdrawal

hillart clinton

Democrat Hillary Clinton stated that President Joe Biden’s order to withdraw troops from Afghanistan might come with “huge consequences,” Fox News informed.  

The President revealed his intents last month to start the withdrawal of the 2,500 troops from Afghanistan which are set to leave the country not later than September 11.

CNN asked the former secretary of state what is her opinion of Biden’s decision for withdrawal on which she answered that she knows that this is a very difficult decision.

Clinton emphasized two big problems that might occur after the withdrawal of the troops. One is the Kabul’s collapse and the takeover of the Talibans.

Clinton and Condoleezza Rice, also a former Secretary of State told House Foreign Affairs Committee that Biden’s plan for troops withdrawal was worrisome.

The first mission of the US and the NATO allies into Afghanistan started on Oct. 7. 2001. The mission’s objective was hunting down Al Qaeda perpetrators of 9/11 terrorist attack, who then lived under the protection of Taliban rule. The US Navy SEALS found and killed bin Laden in Pakistan over a decade ago which completes the initial mission.

According to estimates, US spent $2 trillion in Afghanistan in the last 20 years, lost over 2,300 American soldiers, and there were estimates of 47,000 Taliban and Afghan civilians killed in the battles.

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