White House: President’s Approach to North Korea Nuclear Policy Aimed at Complete Denuclearization

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, affirmed that President Joe Biden’s approach to North Korea’s Nuclear Policy is aimed at complete denuclearization and not towards new hostilities, Fox News informed.

Sullivan emphasized this for ABC’s This Week, after a Kwon Jong Gun, an North Korea official, stated that Biden’s speech in the US Congress confirms the intent of the US to proceed with its hostile policies toward North Korea, claiming that the country will find itself in a very dangerous situation.

Sullivan reiterated that the policies are aimed at denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, saying that they are ready to start a diplomatic negotiations.

The advisor also added that he believes that more adjusted, practical and measured approach might actually help in minimizing the challenge posed by the nuclear program of North Korea.

On Sunday, US and South Korea were put in the spotlight when North Korea issued several statements, one of which warned that with the criticism of North Korea’s human rights record, US is preparing for a showdown.

Kwon Jong Gun, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry director-general of US Affairs Department, referenced Joe Biden’s speech where he talked about Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs and what a threat they pose.

The news arrive after White House issued a confirmation on Friday that Biden administration finalized the review on North Korea’s policy and chose a path that is different from the one former President Donald Trump followed, in order to curb North Korea’s ballistic and nuclear program.

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