Blinken: China Believes it Should Be Dominant in the World

In an interview published Sunday, Antonin Blinken, the Secretary of State stated that China is the only country worldwide that can confront the US in areas such as military, economy and diplomacy, Fox News informed.

Blinken added that over the time China believes it can be the dominant country in the world.

Biden administration has confessed that China is slowly becoming a big challenge for the US.

Biden in February revealed the creation of a Defense Department China Task Force in order to gauge any future challenges from China. One month later, the President advised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that all countries who are democratic should join forces and challenge the massive Belt and Road Chinese initiative.

According to Blinken who was a deputy secretary of state in the President Obama term, China is a the most significant challenge in the US and worldwide.

He underlined that the purpose is far from containing China, but it is to defend this order that China is challenging.

The correspondent asked Blinken about the Xinjiang conditions, in which China was blamed for human rights violations against the Uyghur minority.

Blinken stated that US confirmed that there was a genocide against the Muslim minority in the region.

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