Former Aide Admits She Killed State Senator Linda Collins

Rebecca O’Donnell from Arkansas confessed that she intentionally stabbed to death a former state senior senator earlier this year.

She confessed that she killed former state Senator Linda Collins (R) and hid her body. O’Donnell also pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse, according to a Little Rock-area ABC affiliate.

The Hill reported that O’Donnell, who worked for Collins, was arrested 10 days after the discovery of the former state lawmaker’s body on June 4. The court sentenced O’Donnell to 40 years on the murder charge and another three years on the abuse of a corpse charge.

Her son said that Collins found out that O’Donnell has been stealing money from her and that she snapped when she was confronted.

“The last memory of her that I have was of me making the 911 all and trying not to vomit all over at the sight and smells of my mother’s body. The plea deal is not what my first choice would have been, but at least we have a guaranteed amount of time that she will be imprisoned for,’’ said her son in a statement.

“Today our family has found swift justice by way of a plea deal. No amount of punishment will ever fill that void that Rebecca O’Donnell made in our lives the day he killed our mother. Today we find some shred of peace that O’Donnell will be put away in prison for a very long time, unable to hurt anyone else,’’ said Collins’ daughter in another statement.

But the terror of O’Donnell did not stop here. She pleaded no contest to two counts of soliciting capital murder as she allegedly tried to hire inmates to kill Collins’ ex-husband and make it appear to be a suicide. For this, she was sentenced to seven years on both counts, according to the ABC affiliate.


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