New Coronavirus Cases in New York are Falling

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New York state was considered to be the global epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. However, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) issued a Sunday statement in which he said that New York over the weekend marked its lowest positivity rate since the start of the pandemic. 

“We need to protect the extraordinary progress New Yorkers have made. Today’s infection rate of 0.78% is the lowest we have seen since the pandemic began. What we are doing is working. We need to stay smart and stay cautious,’’ said Cuomo.

‘’Our daily numbers remain low and steady, despite increasing infection rates across the country, and even in our region – and we had the lowest one-day positive rate since we started,’’ added Cuomo as he gave an update on the coronavirus progress across New York state.

“New York’s progress shows that a data-driven phased reopening works. We have followed the data since day one, and now we are an example for the rest of the country to follow. But we must not become complacent: Everyone should continue to wear their masks and socially distance,’’ concluded Cuomo.

According to The Hill, the number of ICU patients fell to 131, another low since the near start of the outbreak in the state. There were seven deaths reported Saturday but no deaths were reported in New York City, which was the region hit hardest in the state. New York has recorded more than 420,000 cases and nearly 33,000 deaths, leading the U.S. in the number of coronavirus-related fatalities.

Gov. Cuomo also stated that school can reopen this fall as low infection rates will allow students and teachers to return to classrooms safely, however, he warned that if the seven-day rolling average of tests coming back positive exceeds 9 percent in a particular region, schools in the area must close their doors.

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