John Kelly: ‘Full Border Wall Would Be a Waste of Money’

Controversies due to the border wall continue as former White House chief of staff John Kelly on Wednesday opposed President Trump’s idea to build the walls saying that a structure spanning the entire U.S.-Mexico border would be a waste of money.

According to Politico, Kelly had a public interview at Duke University in which he said:

‘’We don’t need a wall from sea to shining sea.”

He also noted that there are areas on the U.S.-Mexican border where steel barriers would be necessary, but he was finished with Trump’s policy proposals on immigration. Kelly added that he also rejected the President’s assertion that migrants coming from that border are criminals.

“They are overwhelmingly not criminals. They are people coming up here for economic purposes. I do not blame them for that,” Kelly said.

The recent statements from the former White House chief of staff are maybe the first since he left the Trump administration in December last year.

Last month, in order to fund the wall, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency after Congress passed a spending bill without the $5.7 billion demanded by him. But the situation is not resolving as Trump wanted and last week the House passed a resolution to block the action. The Senate also has enough votes to do it as well, even though both House and Senate do not have the needed votes to override Trump’s veto.

During the 17-month serving as chief of staff, John Kelly had many disagreements with President Trump. Just before he left the White House he said that the border wall demanded by Trump was not actually a wall.

After that, Trump used Twitter and wrote:

‘’The concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED.’’

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