Venezuela Under Massive Power, Communications Blackout

The situation in Venezuela escalates. The crisis had a new turn as most of the Venezuelan territory got filled with darkness due to one of the biggest power outages in recent years.

President Nicolas Maduro was quick to blame sabotage on the hydroelectric dam.

The Associated Press reported that the blackout hit 22 of 23 states and struck the capital Caracas, which was spared the worst of a collapse in the nation’s grid, at the peak of the rush hour until now.

According to the Venezuelan socialist government, this is an electrical war with the United States pulling the strings.

This is not the first blackout in Venezuela, as the state’s economy collapses because of the hyperinflation. People are suffering of lack of food and medicine. Over 3 million citizens of the country emigrate across the globe due to recent happenings.

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez issued a statement in which he said that right-wing extremists intent on causing pandemonium in Venezuela and taking orders from Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio were behind the blackout.

A 44-year old systems engineer in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas named Pedro Fernandez said the following: “The person responsible for this is named Nicolas Maduro. This is just the tip of the iceberg given all the things we are suffering.”

This turn of events is the following of the recent situation that was occurring in Venezuela for some time now, as the opposition leader Juan Guaido who is the head of Congress declared himself as the country’s rightful president two months ago. He has been recognized as the legitimate leader by around 50 countries including the United States.

Nicolas Maduro, however, disagrees with this. In one of his recent tweets he blamed Maduro for the blackout as he said:

‘’How do you tell a mom who needs to cook, an ill person who depends on a machine, a worker who should be laboring that we are in a powerful country without electricity?’’

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