Joel Payne, Director of African American Paid Media and Advertising for the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign, discusses his insights on the final outcome of the election and assesses how both campaigns engaged with African American voters. Payne rejoined Qorvis MSLGROUP in November 2016 following the election.


Joel Payne, Director of African American Paid Media and Advertising for the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign, discusses his insights on the final outcome of the election and assesses how both campaigns engaged with African American voters. Payne rejoined Qorvis MSLGROUP in November 2016 following the election.

 President and CEO, Thomas Miller, on the success and future of International Executive Service Corps


IESC to diversify with more corporate partnerships in developing countries


IESC constantly adapting to changing world, but will always remain true to its core belief in Prosperity and Stability through Private Enterprise



International Executive Service Corps (IESC) is a nonprofit organization based in Washington that dispatches expert consultants and volunteers to developing countries around the world.

IESC was established nearly 50 years ago at the initiative of the entrepreneurs and philanthropists David Rockefeller and Sol Linowitz, who envisaged the need for American businessmen to provide technical and managerial advice to entrepreneurs in developing countries.  President Johnson launched the International Executive Service Corps in the Rose Garden of the White House in June 1964.  Since then, IESC has implemented more than 25,000 short-term projects and 200 long-term programs in 130 countries across Africa, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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IMF Facility to Provide Needed Imports and Support Social Safety Net


The Jamaican government has launched an ambitious program of economic structural reform aimed at increasing production, employment and foreign investment and ensuring political and social stability, Jamaican Ambassador Stephen Vasciannie told Qorvis Focus Washington.
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A strong energy sector and visionary leadership have made Trinidad and Tobago one of the most politically stable and economically successful countries in the Western Hemisphere, Trinidad and Tobago’s ambassador to the United States said in an interview on Qorvis Focus Washington.

The ambassador, Dr. Neil Parsan, told interviewer Chuck Conconi, “We have a very diversified economy and we are always looking for ways and means of diversifying. …We are the southernmost island in the chain of Caribbean islands, but we are the northernmost island of South America, so it’s a strategic geographic location, physically. We are highly industrialized, a very educated society—well over 40% rate tertiary-level of education. We have macroeconomic stability and political stability.”

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Slovenian Ambassador discusses the European Union

On June 24, 2013, in DCView, EmbassyView, by Focus Washington

“We have to give up some of our national sovereignty if we want a fiscal union.”

Balkan nation quickly became active player in EU, NATO, UN after independence

Slovenian Ambassador to the United States Roman Kirn told Qorvis Communications’ Focus Washington that the current economic crisis has made it clear that EU member states will have to give up more sovereignty to achieve a fiscal union.

“The level of integration that we have achieved is not sufficient to sustain the pressure on Europe,” Ambassador Kirn told interviewer Chuck Conconi. “So now in the EU there are great in-depth debates on how to secure this further progress. It’s not easy because at this stage, EU member states have to decide to give away more of their national sovereignty than they would be willing and able to do.”

The E.U. now faces the task of aligning its political ambitions with economic realities.

“The establishment of the euro was a political project,” Ambassador Kirn said. “What we are facing today is that economic realities are moving faster than the political one. When we created the euro, we stopped halfway. I used to say we had baked only half of the cake. Now we have to do the other half. The problem is that we have to do it under the circumstances of the world crisis, which has challenged the euro to the extent that these political differences came to the forefront.”

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Dr. Fuad Hussein, chief of staff to President Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government, talks to host Chuck Conconi on the occasion of an official delegation visit to Washington, D.C. He addresses the strength and future of the KRG’s relationship with the U.S., the state of national and regional politics 10 years after the liberation of Iraq, and how the KRG can serve as a model of democracy and growth for the greater Iraq.

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John James on Equatorial Guinea

On November 5, 2012, in TechView, by Focus Washington

John James, founder and chairman of JD James & Co., talks with Focus Washington host Chuck Conconi about Equatorial Guinea.

Qorvis’ Chuck Conconi sits down with Ron Faucheux to discuss the presidential debates, and the affect they may have on the presidential election. With only a couple weeks before the election, it is still very much any man’s game.

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Focus Washington: 2012 Election & Conventions

On September 6, 2012, in DCView, by Focus Washington


Qorvis‘ Chuck Conconi sits down with Ron Faucheux to discuss the 2012 election. The presidential race as close to a tie as an election can be as Republicans and Democrats focus on rallying their base and swaying undecided voters with their conventions. Democratic National Convention got off to a fast start with a lot of enthusiasm attendees while the Republican National Convention schedule had to get shuffled last minute to due to hurricane Isaac. The Democrats stand a chance to pick up some house seats, but republicans are likely to hold the majority. However control of the Senate is up for grabs.

Focus Washington: Wessel on the Politics of the Federal Budget

On August 24, 2012, in DCView, by Focus Washington

The budget deficit situation has never been this bad. The numbers have never been this large. Politicians are unwilling to compromise.

Washington, D.C. is a politically driven town. And what goes hand in hand with politics? Socializing. Most nights are full of black-tie events attended by numerous ambassadors, congressional leaders, high-powered lobbyists, journalists and the occasional Hollywood celebrity. Recently, Focus Washington interviewed social expert Kevin Chaffee of Qorvis Communications. Chaffee, a former features editor of the Washington Times and current senior editor of Washington Life Magazine, provided a recap of the D.C. summer social scene as well as a preview of what to expect for the remainder of the summer.

“The conventional wisdom is that after the 4th of July, no parties happen and that D.C. is deader than a doornail” Chaffee says, going on to explain that there is a common misconception that most of the local social elite leave town for the months of July and August. This leaves the blistering summer months of July and August devoid of a legitimate social scene until after Labor Day.

This summer, however, has been a little different. Chaffee stated that this “July was more lively than normal.” The social highlight of the summer was the “Together to End AIDS” event, which was held on July 21st at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The event was hosted by The Foundation for AIDS Research and GBCHealth, and honored billionaire Bill Gates for his philanthropic efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic. Other celebrity guests included actress Sharon Stone, Anderson Cooper, The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and amfAR Chairman Kenneth Cole.

In addition to the World AIDS Conference, Washington played host to the Shakespeare Theater’s event honoring actor Stacey Keach on July 23rd. Summer also features a number of embassy parties honoring their respective national holidays. A couple highlights of the diplomatic scene to date were the French Embassy’s July 14th Bastille Day Party and the British Embassy’s event honoring the Queen’s Jubilee. This summer’s marquee embassy event will occur July 27th, when the British Ambassador hosts an exclusive party at his residence to honor the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Another important upcoming social event is the Qorvis book party on August 2nd to celebrate David Wessel’s, economic editor of the Wall Street Journal, new book; “Red Ink.”

While July was unusually busy for the Washington summer social scene, August will be quieter than normal. According to Chaffee, the Democratic and Republican conventions will preoccupy Washington’s elite, thus putting a damper on the August social scene. Members of Congress will be out of the District campaigning for their respective parties. No Congress means that all of the city’s high-powered lobbyists and influential journalists are free to take some much needed family vacations. Also, many high profile ambassadors will either be attending the convention events as guests or using this downtime to return to their native countries.

DC’s Government Agencies Grades for July

On July 24, 2012, in DCView, by Focus Washington

A new system implement by D.C. mayor Vincent C. Gray, which allows residents of the district to grade their cities government agencies has found that city services are still just average but have improved over the past month. The innovative testing service, know as Grade DC concluded that residents are generally satisfied with the public works, transportation, motor vehicles, parks and recreation and business licensing agencies. To add your grades go to

The agency grades for the month of July are as follows:

DDOT = C+, DCRA = C+, DPW = B, DMV = C-, DPR = C


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More Corruption Allegations in 2010 Campaign of DC Mayor

On July 23, 2012, in DCView, by Focus Washington

New allegations have surfaced in regards to DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 campaign. Former campaign workers allege that Gray’s campaign kept a database with the identities of nearly 6,000 public housing residents it targeted in get-out-the-vote efforts. The list apparently helped Gray’s campaign identify residents thought to be among the most sympathetic to his cause but who generally have not turned out in significant numbers in city elections. According to housing lawyers consulted by The Washington Post, the use of such a list by a political campaign  violates both federal and local laws and regulations, starting with the prohibition against using government resources for political purposes. This is the latest in a slew of violations that have made Gray’s 2010 campaign the subject of an ongoing federal investigation.

For more information on the topic check out this article by the Washington Post:

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Andy Wright stops by Focus Washington to discuss joining Polsinelli Shughart’s Washington D.C. office with Qorvis’ Chuck Conconi. Wright and Conconi also discuss emerging trends in energy policy.

The Washington Kastles followed up last year’s perfect season with a 22-18 win on the road against the Orange County Breakers on Monday in the first World Team Tennis match of 2012. The win was the 17th consecutive victory for the Kastles. Leading the way for Washington was two-time league MVP Leander Paes, who teamed with Anastasia Rodionova to win mixed doubles 5-1 before partnering Bobby Reynolds to a 5-3 win in men’s doubles. The Kastles play tomorrow night against the Spring Field Lasers before returning to DC on Thursday for their home opener against the New York Sportimes. You can find the complete Kastles schedule here:

Fun Kastles Fact: Last year’s 16-0 record was the first perfect season in sports since the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Earlier today, The American Chemistry Council (ACC)  hosted a forum, “Unlocking the Vast Potential of Energy Recovery,” on Capitol Hill. The event was headlined by Cal Dooley, ACC president and CEO, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) and a panel of business leaders and experts. The purpose of the event was for experts to discuss the expanding use of energy recovery as an abundant and alternative energy source, highlight emerging trends and technologies for recovering energy from waste, and allow policymakers to outline legislative strategies for boosting private sector investments.

For more information on the successful event:

CAPS Hire Former Captain Adam Oates As New head Coach

On June 26, 2012, in TechView, by Focus Washington

Washington Capitals general manager George McPhee announced today that former Caps captain Adam Oates will be the team’s new head coach. Oates will be making his head coaching debut in replacing Dale Hunter, who stepped down after this past season in which he took over as coach from Bruce Boudreau in November. Oates spent the past two seasons serving as an assistant coach and offensive coordinator for the New Jersey Devils. During his tenure in New Jersey, Oates helped transform a stagnant Devil’s offense into a scoring machine that propelled the team to the Stanley Cup Finals this year. Oates played 19 seasons in the NHL, including 6 with the Washington Capitals.

For more information check out–nhl.html;_ylt=AqUfjOjx3DTgdt0kyhBrYe45nYcB

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D.C.’s sweet spring breeze has given way to the sticky and almost unbearable humidity of the summer. The summer heat seems to be almost contagious as Presidential campaigns (read smear tactics) are heating up into full swing to prepare for November’s elections. This weekend, however, the Presidential race will be designated to the backburner as D.C.’s Pennsylvania Avenue prepares for the true “hottest” battle of the summer. That’s right, you guessed it, the National Capital Barbeque Battle
is back. Following the 1992 Presidential Election, Bill Clinton brought to Washington his Falstaffian appetite for all things Southern. Grumblings throughout the Clinton administration regarding D.C.’s lack of good barbeque joints caused D.C. resident Allen Tubis to pioneer the first rich and flavorful National Capital Barbeque Battle in 1993. The event originated as a friendly competition where Republican and Democratic national committees could compete against each other with fire and meat to prove which side of the Mason-Dixon Line truly sported the best barbeque. The Democrats brought the fire in the competitions first two years, causing the Republicans to drop out of the event in its third year for fear of being humiliated once again. Although the political
component no longer remains, the National Capital Barbeque Battle has continued to thrive and is expecting record crowds to swarm to Pennsylvania Avenue this weekend in hopes of finding the perfect blend of barbequed flavor and spice. Attendees
should expect 90 degree weather and even hotter barbeque spice. This year’s top categories include chicken, beef brisket, pork shoulder and whole hog.

For more information regarding the National Capital Barbeque Battle visit the website at


Bob Cusack, editor of “The Hill” stops by Focus Washington to sit down with Qorvis’ Chuck Conconi to discuss the fundraising efforts of both Mitt Romney and President Obama, and Cusack weighs in on the 2012 congressional race.

The Bahrain Press Club (BPC) launched its first overseas liaison office on Tuesday at an event held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The event welcomed members of the international media, think tanks, government representatives and NGOs. The BPC liaison office was created to honor the growing relationship between the United States and Bahrain and will serve as a direct connection to the Bahrain Press Club in Manama, Bahrain. The liaison office is expected to provide regular updates and accurate news from the Government of Bahrain, as well as access to senior government officials. According to HE Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, president of Bahrain’s Information Affairs Authority (IAA), “It’s fitting that we establish the first BPC liaison office in Washington, where we have such strong historic ties.” Sheikh Fawaz went on to further declare that “the club will provide the U.S. community with firsthand access to Bahrain and will encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences necessary to further understanding.” The physical Bahrain Press Club liaison office is scheduled to open in the National Press Club in August 2012.

For more information on the BPC liasion office check out Qorvis’ Chuck Conconi’s interview with Sheikh Fawaz al Khalifa.

Call to Action for Child Survival Conference

On June 14, 2012, in TechView, by Focus Washington

Today is the official start of the two-day Call to Action for Child Survival conference hosted by the U.S., Ethiopian, and Indian governments.  The conference is being held at Washington DC’s Georgetown University. Featured speakers include US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and actor Ben Affleck. More than 700 leaders from the private sector, government, and civil society are expected to attend the event, including representation from more than 80 countries, with over 50 countries represented at the ministerial level.

For more information regarding the conference read

100 Free (and almost free) Things to do in D.C.

On June 12, 2012, in DCView, TechView, by Focus Washington

Are you feeling the tough economic times? But do you still like to have a good time? Well don’t worry, the solution is here. recently released their list of 100 Free (and almost free) Things to do in DC. The list’s categories include: Performance, Family-Fun Freebies, Musts for History Buffs, DC Outside, International DC, Economic Eats and Cheap Happy Hours, African-American Experience, Arts & Culture, Around Town and GLBT-Friendly Freebies.

The complete list can be found here

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D.C. Jazz Fest

On June 7, 2012, in DCView, by Focus Washington

This coming weekend is the finale of the 2012 D.C. Jazz Festival (June 1-10). The  Jazz Festival is the premiere music festival in Washington, D.C. and features more than 100 performances from local, national and international musicians at nearly 50 iconic venues throughout the city. Signature programs of this years Jazz Festival will include Jazz Meets the Classics at the Kennedy Center, Jazz ‘n’ Families Fun Days at The Phillips Collection and Jazz at the Howard. For mor information check out the DC Jazz Fest website.


Pollster Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus Research Group, stops by Focus Washington to discuss Romney’s win in Michigan, the outlook for Super Tuesday, and the battle for House and Senate seats. 


Sue Sheridan, president and chief counsel of the Coalition for Fair Transmission Policy, sits down with host Chuck Conconi to discuss electric transmission policy and FERC Order 1000.

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Dr. Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus Research Group, stops by Focus Washington to discuss Mitt Romney’s win in New Hampshire and what the future of the GOP race may look like in the upcoming months.

Wyeth Ruthven, senior director at Qorvis, stops by Focus Washington to discuss how Twitter trends provide insight into how the GOP candidates will fare in Iowa.

Dr. Ron Faucheux, President of Clarus Research Group and Washington pollster, talks to Chuck Conconi about the results of the Iowa caucus.

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Drew Chafetz, founder and CEO of Love.Futbol, stopped by Focus Washington to discuss the group’s accomplishments and future plans with host Chuck Conconi.

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