US Threatens with New Sanctions Ahead of Putin and Kim Meeting

As North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly traveling towards Vladivostok for a summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, during which, as Washington believes, he’ll likely discuss the possibility of North Korea providing Moscow with weapons to support its war in Ukraine, the US State Department announced Monday that such transfer of arms would be in violation of multiple UNSC resolutions.

As State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters the US will continue to aggressively enforce sanctions against entities that fund Russia’s war efforts and will not hesitate to impose new sanctions as needed.

The meeting between the two leaders, which was confirmed by both Kremlin and Pyongyang, is expected to take place as early as Tuesday local time.

Kremlin’s statement confirmed the meeting would take place “in the coming days,” whereas South Korean broadcaster YTN cited a senior government official as saying that Kim’s private train was slowly moving toward the northeastern border with Russia.

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