AFT President Weingarten Seeks Mandatory Vaccination for Teachers

Randi Weingarten Photo: EPA

Randi Weingarten, the President of AFT (American Federation of Teachers) said on Sunday that she wants the union to stand in support of mandatory Covid-19 vaccines for teachers, Fox News informed.

The news arrives as a bit of a surprise and will change the current policy of the union that now favors a voluntary vaccination.

The AFT’s president said for NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the steep increase in new cases and the new, delta variant made her change her standing on this matter.

Weingarten said that vaccines are the best means possible for dealing with the Covid-19 and recalled that vaccines in schools were a thing since the 1850s.

She also said that on a personal level everyone should work along with their employers and not oppose them regarding the vaccine mandate.

Weingarten said that she will gather the union leadership to review and amend their current policy of voluntary vaccination, although pointing out that 90% of the teacher members have already received the vaccine against Covid-19.

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