Multiple US Government Agencies Targeted in a Global Hacking Spree

An ongoing global hacking spree has seriously affected several US government agencies on Thursday, CNN reported quoting the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Though it’s unclear how many agencies were affected, the agency said it is working urgently to understand the impacts and ensure timely remediation while providing support to the federal agencies that have experienced intrusions.

It’s not clear who carried out the attack and Washington is not commenting on who is to blame, but a Russian-speaking group known as Cl0p has taken responsibility for similar intrusions as part of the slew of hacks in the last two weeks targeting Western corporations, universities, and governments.

Hackers, which gained access to its targets by exploiting a vulnerability in a popular file-transfer program called MOVEit, threatened that if its ransom demands are not met, it’ll start publishing stolen data from the affected targets.

Among the affected were the State governments in Minnesota and Illinois, oil giant Shell, as well as the BBC and British Airways.

Two other Russia-based hacktivist groups REvil and the Killnet, along with another group called Anonymous Sudan, threatened in a video on Wednesday to launch a merciless campaign against European banks and financial institutions.

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