End Migration Hypocrisy, Tsipras Rebukes the EU

EU should only focus on how much money should be granted to those European countries that will host refugees and stop being hypocritical about migration, Greece’s leftist main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras said as quoted by Euractive.

Tsipras described as utmost hypocrisy counting hundreds of dead refugees at the bottom of the Mediterranean while some in Brussels, Athens, or Berlin consider international law a luxury or obsolete and call for discussion on how many euros will be given to countries to host refugees.

The Greek leftist leader and former Prime Minister stressed the need to radically change the direction of the negotiation for an EU agreement on migration and asylum and focus on ensuring legal and safe routes and fair resettling of refugees from third countries to EU member states.

He also demanded that the EU guarantee a significant number of annual hospitality places (pledges) in European countries.

In a telephone conversation on Thursday with EU Migration Commissioner Ylva Johansson, Tsipras stressed it as a shame” for Europe to have the Mediterranean Sea littered with corpses, referring to the recent deadly migrant shipwreck off the Greek coast during which 400 of the people on board have disappeared and are still missing.

According to Frontex, more than 600 people were on board.

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