Chinese FM: US Needs to ‘Hit the Brakes’ or Risk Conflict with Beijing

If Washington does not “hit the brake” in its dealings with Beijing, the United States and China are headed towards inevitable conflict, the newly appointed Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said in a Tuesday media briefing.

Tensions between China and the US, which have the world’s third and second-largest nuclear stockpiles, respectively, have been increasing over economic issues, matters over Taiwan, and the US’s repeated accusations that Beijing is supporting Russia.

China’s foreign minister blamed the US for rising tensions between Washington and Beijing, pointing out that Washington has been engaging in suppression and containment of Beijing rather than fair or rule-based competition.

According to Qin, who was until recently the Chinese ambassador to the US, Washington acts “with the presumption of guilt” towards Beijing and that the balloon incident was proof the US sees China as its main adversary and the most consequential geopolitical challenge.

Despite China’s maintenance the balloon was a scientific vessel launched by a private company that had blown off-course, Washington contends the balloon the United States Air Force shot down in early February was a Chinese surveillance balloon.

Stressing that Washington’s perception and views of China are seriously distorted, Qin warns that conflict and confrontation will be inevitable if the US does not draw down its aggressive position towards Beijing, pointing out that if the US continues to speed down the wrong path without hitting the brake, no guardrails can prevent derailing in the relationship.

Chinese FM stressed that it’s impossible for Beijing not to respond in word or in action when attacked as the Biden administration signaled by calling for “guardrails” in their relationship, reiterating that China is seeking a sound and stable relationship with Washington.

He underscored that the United States should have a broad mind for the development of other countries if it has the ambition to make itself great again.

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