Republican Congressman Raises Concerns about Chinese ‘Police Stations’ in US

On Saturday, the Chairman of the House China Select Committee, Mike Gallagher, held a press conference at a former illegal police station in downtown Manhattan connected to the Chinese Communist Party, Fox News informed.

Gallagher revealed that the unassuming building had an illicit secret police station affiliated with the CCP, and highlighted that a nonprofit organization, Safeguard Defenders, had uncovered over 100 similar illegal police stations around the world, including at least two others on U.S. territory.

Gallagher was accompanied by Rep. Ritchie Torres, a Democrat from New York, and Rep. Neal Dunn, a Republican from Florida, who aimed to draw attention to the threat that the CCP poses to U.S. sovereignty and the urgency for the Biden administration to take “aggressive” action.

In 2020, Safeguard Defenders, a pan-Asian human rights organization, released an investigative report named “Patrol and Persuade” which disclosed the existence of an additional 48 Chinese police service stations functioning abroad, on top of the 54 already identified by the group in September.

During the press conference on Saturday, Chairman Gallagher stated that it was unusual to find someone who had not experienced some form of minor digital harassment from CCP agents. He questioned how such a situation had been permitted to occur on American soil, and opined that the reason was due to the CCP’s cunning, and America’s blindness to the situation.

Furthermore, he contended that the CCP was able to influence American politicians, multinational organizations, and companies, and in some instances, law enforcement, through the use of intimidation tactics rather than persuasion. He likened the CCP to the Mafia, who are unafraid of making people disappear.

According to reports, these illicit police stations are situated in 53 countries, including four within the United States – two in New York City, one in Los Angeles, and one in an undisclosed location created by the Nantong Public Security Bureau.

During the press conference, Gallagher was accompanied by Chinese activist Zhuo Fengsuo, a former student leader who was pursued by the CCP for his involvement in the protests that triggered the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

After addressing the gathering, Zhuo expressed that this was the first time the Chinese community felt that their grievances were being heard by the American public.

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