Nevada Progressives Express Outrage after Democrats Passed Resolution for Denouncing ‘Horrors of Socialism’

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This month, Democratic socialists in Nevada expressed their fury after Democratic state lawmakers in their state passed a resolution denouncing the “horrors” of socialism, and the state party declined to criticize them, Fox News informed.

This was one of several instances where tensions flared up between the progressive left and the more moderate party leaders.

The Las Vegas division of the Democratic Socialists of America criticized the Nevada State Democratic Party for “waffling between practicing respectability politics and making concessions to the center,” despite a group of progressives attaining influence within the party structure.

The group was especially furious over a bipartisan vote in the US House of Representatives that denounced the “horrors of socialism” and mentioned the violations of human rights in nations like Cuba, North Korea, and the Soviet Union. The vote and the state party’s failure to denounce the censure did not impress the democratic socialists.

The Party…took no position when each and every one of the elected State Representatives proudly voted to condemn ‘the horrors of socialism,’ and in fact continued to provide free messaging for the small number of so-called progressive Representatives who insisted that voting against socialism was required for enacting a progressive agenda, they claimed in the lengthy statement.

The committee came to the conclusion that the Democratic Party “is a dead end” as a result of these and several other complaints.

The vehement declaration is made in the midst of an ongoing conflict between the state’s radical Democrats and the more centrist apparatus established by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

After supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, won control of the party two years ago, Politico released a detailed investigation into the left’s problems in the state on Saturday.

According to the publication, even Sanders is furious with Judith Whitmer, the party’s chair, who is being criticized for supposedly reneging on her progressive principles and failing to establish a grassroots organization.

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