NYC Mayor Adams says Mask Mandates Might Need to Return

In an interview with Caribbean Power Jam Radio’s “The Reset Show,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams justified the removal of a COVID vaccine mandate for city workers and said that mandates might be reinstated at some point in the future, Fox News informed.

Adams justified his choice to waive the vaccination requirement, stating that it was wrong for employees to say, “I want to do anything I want,” as COVID was becoming more common.

Adams claimed to be familiar with COVID’s appearance and what would have happened if New York had not imposed the mask requirements.

He claimed that it was a difficult decision since New Yorkers do not like having their actions dictated to them or being told what to do, including wearing masks.

The mayor added that he visited hospitals and witnessed trailers full of bodies as he spoke about a cultural revolution necessary to combat a deadly and terrible epidemic.

Additionally, he claimed to have observed medical staff members at hospitals donning improvised masks and plastic bags as a form of protection.

He pointed out that if they didn’t have vaccines or the mask mandates, they would have lost many more lives.

He also said that it was not right for people to come to their work environment unvaccinated or if they refused to wear a mask in public transport.

Adams didn’t react to inquiries about the situation right away.

Adams declared on February 6 that the city would make the COVID immunization optional for present and future city employees starting on February 10.

The news was made as more than 96% of city employees received their complete coronavirus vaccinations. Despite the change, the roughly 1,780 former city employees who lost their jobs in the past for failing to follow the COVID-19 vaccine requirements will not immediately receive them back; instead, they must reapply for jobs with their former organizations.

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