Lawmakers Seek More Answers on Unidentified Objects that were Shot Down

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are urging President Biden to show “maximum transparency” on the information the administration gathers regarding the four unidentified flying objects that have recently been shot down over the United States and Canada, Fox News informed.

Over Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday, the U.S. military shot down another unidentified flying object. An “unidentified object” had been shot down in North America three times in as many days and four times overall since February 4.

According to a statement issued by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on Sunday, President Biden ordered an F-16 to shoot down the fourth object at 2:42 p.m. on the advice of Secretary Austin and military authorities.

According to NORAD, the object was flying at 20,000 feet above Lake Huron.

According to the statement, the item was shot down because it might have posed a “danger” to “civil aviation,” and there were “no indications” that any civilians were harmed. In “an effort to understand more,” NORAD stated that a crew is attempting to recover the object.

However, neither the Pentagon nor NORAD have provided any additional information regarding whether the Sunday shooting was connected to Chinese surveillance activities that resulted in the shooting down of a large floating balloon over the coast of South Carolina last week or other two floating objects over Alaska and Canada.

The mystery “items” that the United States fired down over Canada and Alaska are both thought to be balloons that were transporting a payload, a senior American official said Fox News on Sunday.

After the shooting down of a fourth flying item, Republican Senator Steve Daines from Montana deemed the Biden administration’s lack of transparency “unacceptable.”

For Fox News Digital, Daines released a statement saying it is unacceptable that the Biden administration has not responded to the recent shoot-downs over Alaska and Canada as well as the closure of Montana airspace yesterday night.

Rep. Slotkin, a Democrat from Michigan, vowed to push for a “full briefing” on Sunday’s events for Congress.

The American people need to have far more answers than they already have, according to Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich., on Sunday.

More details are required, according to another Michigan representative Lisa McClain.

The Biden administration’s “lack of briefings” on the items, according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, is apparent.

Montana’s Republican governor, Greg Gianforte, expressed his appreciation for the military’s efforts to defend “our homeland.”

The U.S. temporarily blocked the airspace over Lake Michigan on Sunday; on Saturday night, it did so over a remote area of Montana. Authorities declared on Sunday that they were no longer monitoring any objects over those areas.

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