Ilhan Omar Accuses McCarthy of Making Agreement with the Far Right

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar referred to the Republican holdouts as “far right insurrectionists” in response to the agreement reached by former Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and fellow Republicans to secure the speakership, Fox News informed.

The Minnesota Democrat tweeted hours before McCarthy was chosen as Speaker of the House in one of the longest election cycles in American history, that he has accepted a deal with the far-right insurrectionists which would keep the entire US as well as the global economy captive to excessive cutbacks to everything ranging from housing to education, healthcare, Social Security and Medicare.

Omar continued, that it is hard to emphasize how hazardous is that.

After negotiating a deal with a group of Republican holdouts that changed the way legislation is handled, the way the House is run procedurally, put safeguards on excessive spending, and other changes, McCarthy was narrowly elected House Speaker of the 118th Congress late Friday night in the 15th vote.

Conservatives on social media who disagreed with Omar’s claim that the agreement amongst Republicans was “dangerous” harshly condemned her post.

The 118th Congress! and images of Republican Rep. Mike Rogers being restrained from confronting Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz were included in Omar’s subsequent tweet on Saturday afternoon that addressed the acrimonious House speaker election process. A photo of Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene holding a phone that displayed a live discussion with former President Donald Trump was also included in the tweet.

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