Newsom to Support Biden’s Re-election Bid


Gavin Newsom, governor of California, has reportedly told President Biden that he is “all in” on Biden’s reelection, dispelling rumors that he could run against the vice president for the Democratic primary in 2024, Fox News informed.

In an interview with Politico, Newsom attempted to quell suspicions that he may seek the Democratic nomination after the White House expressed “significant” annoyance at reports that he was considering a bid to unseat Biden.

Newsom said that he has informed everyone in the White House—from the chief of staff to the first lady—that he is fully supportive of Biden’s bid for re-election.

The possibility of Newsom running for office in 2024 has gained traction in recent months as Democrats’ worries about Biden’s health, advanced age, and low approval ratings have grown. Some Democrats started looking for a possible replacement for Biden in 2024 due to concerns about how well he would perform against former President Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Newsom’s name has been mentioned as a contender.

After Democrats’ better-than-expected showing in the midterm elections in November, where their worries of a Republican “red wave” did not materialize, this worry has probably partially subsided. Republicans will only achieve a narrow majority because Democrats will continue to rule the Senate and because they will no longer be in charge of the House.

Biden’s standing now seems stronger than it did during the summer.

In a post-election press conference, Biden stated that he intends to run for re-election and will make a definitive decision by the beginning of next year.

DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott were two targets of Newsom’s repeated public criticisms, which added gasoline to the fire that he would run. But the governor, who easily won re-election in deeply blue California, is reported to have left his motorcade on Election Night near a Sacramento hotel and called Biden to personally support his re-election campaign.

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